24M9-SX RUSH is born


JoNich is glad to present a new product, the 24M9-SX-RUSH wheel. All news arouses curiosity, expectations, and imaginations, but especially 24M9-SX-RUSH will be a launch pad for ambitious future developments. Let’s see together some of the important features and innovations contained in this product.


First of all, the wheel is designed for the rear end of vehicles equipped with a single sided swing arm. The particular structure of the rim (double bridge), combined with a truly wide spokes crossing, allows you to achieve a stiffness much higher than any other spoked wheel.

This stiffness (common for forged wheels, but unusual for spoked wheels) generates a remarkable precision and sensitivity of driving, characteristics very appreciated for those who want to push thoroughly with his vehicle. Some curiosities


The rim is always made from a single block and has deep milling to lighten the wheel group. The processing of lightening especially affects the most peripheral part of the rim, as to make the bike more agile and responsive. The six anchors for the spokes are now joined by an inner ring. The structure, known in the environment as a “double bridge” structure, make the wheel much stiffer.


For aerodynamic functions we have to lightening openings applying a foil of real carbon (texture 2×2 twill) anchored firmly with 6 small screws placed in the back of the wheel. The carbon foil is dismountable, interchangeable, and customizable. At this stage carbon has a mainly aerodynamic function … but for the future, expect news.


Also, for aerodynamic and finishing reasons, a real carbon (texture 2×2 twill) cover is now available to cover the central die of the center lock closure.


The aesthetic factor is subjective, but like it or not, certainly the 24M9-SX-RUSH wheel does not sin of care and attention to details. Rim and hubs are made from the full of 5-axis CNC, and before they are anodized, they are carefully hand-smudged. The spokes are made from the full while all the carbon parts are painted. The carbon writings are covered with a layer of transparent paint. The 41 components that make up this incredible structure, are manually assembled with care and experience, because a spoked wheel is a perfect balance of forces.