24M9-SX DIAMOND is born


We are proud to introduce you to the 2020 JONICH innovation. It is an important variant of the highly appreciated  24M9-SX wheel, its name is  24M9-SX-DIAMOND. How was it born, what is it inspired to, and how is it built? Let’s see it together:

The constant demand for unique and exclusive objects has also reached the world of ray wheels. 24M9-SX-DIAMOND represents JONICH’s first response to this request. The name DIAMOND well represents the enrichment of these wheels through precious stones, set with goldsmithing techniques.

It all started a year ago when, with clear ideas but not too much, we approached with a company specialized in furniture and precious stone finishes for yacht of the highest level. Immediately there was a great affinity of purpose and also a common desire to experience something provocative but at the same time refined, elegant and above all never seen before: the precious stones on motorcycle wheels.


Immediately we thought about the weights and the safe anchoring of these precious objects. We would like to reassure you that all the stones chosen (not surprisingly) have a specific weight lower than aluminum, so we can not talk about weight gain. After the first obstacle, the second was difficult to face, that is, the stable anchoring of the stones to the wheel. Also considering that the stones placed on the rear wheel also perform a technical function (prevent the rays from unscrewing) and therefore must be removable. To solve the problem, we contacted professional goldsmiths, and together with them, we thought of beavers screwed directly on the wheel. The creation of the beaver took many hours of 3D study and modeling. In fact, in addition to being functional, they absolutely must supply with high aesthetic criterias. Insiders were thrilled with what the team proposed at the end of the work.


The stones are strictly hand-crafted … I would say from experienced hands, very experienced, all in small but very refined workshops hidden in very respectable studios in the most renowned for art and culture area in Milan: Brera. They follow meticulously, templates previously modeled with 3D CAD techniques and subsequently prototyping in solid through RP or CNC machine tools. The stones must not only be cut and shaped, the skill of the master carver, stays precisely in interpreting the natural veins of the stone and harmonizing them and make them stand out in the silhouette that will assume the finished object, in short it is an endless world to discover, with rules and discipline that border on maniacality. That’s why it was born immediately understanding … we make wheels with the same rigour and maniacality.


With the images that you can see, we show you the stones currently available, and we allow ourselves to contextualize them in a color environment of our taste. Of course, metallic objects come in many shades of colors and finishes. Our style center will be happy to listen to you and create for you and with you the images necessary to dispel any doubts about the combinations you will want to evaluate: because the path that leads to the definition of a  24M9-SX-DIAMOND, is above all an experience!