We are proud to introduce you to the 2020 JONICH innovation. It is an important variant of the highly appreciated  24M9-SX wheel, its name is  24M9-SX-DIAMOND. How was it born, what is it inspired to, and how is it built? Let’s see it together

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JoNich is glad to present a new product, the 24M9-SX-RUSH wheel. All news arouses curiosity, expectations, and imaginations, but especially 24M9-SX-RUSH will be a launch pad for ambitious future developments. Let’s see together some of the important features and innovations contained in this product.

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JoNich is proud to present a new product, the 24M9-CARBON wheel.
This wheel is characterized by his excellent performances.

The aluminum structure guarantees his safe use on the road. It has been designed and built so that any accidental bump during the normal road use can’t generate a situation of danger.

The Carbon Layer instead generates considerable rigidity of the rim, making the wheel particularly appreciated for who wants a sports guide and a responsive motorcycle.

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