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Construction Features

JoNich’s wheels have for choice hubs made from the full. Among the many leagues available, we have validated the 6082-T6 league. Although there are leagues with higher mechanical characteristics (see the 7075-T6 league), the 6082-T6 league, has surpassed all others, for its intrinsic requirements, such as percentage lengthening, the reduction of problems in mating with more noble materials (stress corrosion cracking’s phenomenon) and the aptitude to be well anodized. The choice to work hubs with CNC starting from the full, is determined by the fact that it can adapt the shapes to the increasingly recurring aesthetic needs of customization. In our fleet, the 5 axes work continuously for one goal: to materialize dreams.
The rims are fluo-formed from league plate 6082-T6, free of welds, and entirely turned after heat treatment (T6). Obviously, the continuity of the fibers (not interrupted by the typical junction), the absence of unevenness (due to the typical weld) and the perfect roundness, make it a product of excellence. We would like to draw attention that even the rims are completely made in Italy.
From the last the spokes, they are exclusively made of Austenitic INOX steel. The material is deliberately incrushed by the thread in order to raise its mechanical characteristics, while the rolled fillet guarantees maximum toughness. These pulls are available with silver or black finish. But it is not excluded that other colors may be available.

Nipple’s Deletion

JoNich wheels, have the characteristic of eliminating the use of the traditional nipple (an element that screws in one end of the spoke, allows to connect this one to the rim), therefore, the spoke crosses the rim and screws directly into the hub.
This solution, in addition to reducing the peripheral masses (making the application more responsive) has unleashed several beneficial innovations.


In traditional wheels, the coupling between the spoke, hub, nipple and rim is unstable, that is, it is not possible to guarantee stable contact between surfaces, but in most cases you have contact on lines and edges. As a result, there is often a continuous phenomenon of “settling”.
The architecture of JoNich wheels is different. The contacts between the gripping organs (hub-spoke-rim) take place only on surfaces, making the wheel precise, stable, and safe immediately. The rays are strictly straight (the main element to make a rod working well in the general mechanics) increasing its resistance.

Rim’s dimple

Nelle ruote tradizionali i cerchi presentano la tradizionale bugnatura, ovvero quella deformazioni semisferica atta ad accogliere il foro orientato per il nipplo.
I cerchi delle ruote JoNich sono privi di bugnatura:  il foro è, quindi, orientato direttamente nel cerchio ed ottenuto mediante asportazione di truciolo (CNC a 5 assi).
Questo processo è molto più preciso, e lascia completa libertà nell’orientare i raggi. Non da ultimo il cerchio rimane esteticamente più pulito.

Hub shape

The hubs of the traditional wheels must present holes in the passing spokes. Often the anchoring areas turn out to be breasts, which generate a certain construction and visual complication. JoNich wheel’s hubs are different.
They can be completely smooth since the spokes are screwed directly into the hub in a blind hole. This greatly simplifies the construction forms.


We firmly believe that the fashion and pleasant return to vintage should be of particular interest to aesthetics and not functionality or safety. It goes on to himself that JoNich wheels use tubeless technology.


From all the technical characteristics comes a wheel with a classic but innovative aesthetic. The elimination of components and the simplification of forms does not produce a cheeky aesthetic, but rather, they provide sobriety to the whole.
The ability to apply oversized spokes (M9) allow you to achieve an extremely muscular look without sacrificing the classicity and charm of the spoke.
JoNich wheels have equipped special bikes of the highest level, until winning for two years (2011 ABNORMAL CYCLES UNION, and 2016 MOTOTED PDFE BIG KAHUNA) the first place of the AMD World Championship.
In traditional wheels, the rims have the traditional dimple, that semi-spherical deformations that accommodate the nipple-oriented hole. The JoNich wheel’s rims are free of dimple: the hole is, therefore, oriented directly in the rim and obtained by chip removal (5-axis CNC).
This process is much more precise and leaves complete freedom in orienting spokes. Not least the rim remains aesthetically cleaner.

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