JoNich was founded as an individual company in January 2009, to become “sas” in July 2010.
The founder, Fabio Alberio, has gained considerable technical experience, working as R&D director in a large company in the nearby of Lecco, Italy (still among the largest corporate customer). Professionalism, study, updating, and a spasmodic passion for the industry, are the highlights that have always characterized and animated his work.


JoNich offers its technical service to manufacturing companies in order to develop products, manage and build production facilities. And it is precisely these services, which involve and need a cross-knowledge of the work, ranging from the production technique, to its specific machinery, but without neglecting automation and production logistics. All this, and much more, is Jonich.


JoNich is one of the most ambitious companies in the whole landscape and since its inception, it produces with its own brand of spoked wheels for MOTORBIKE and CARS of the highest level (the JoNich brand is registered throughout Europe).
Currently we can boast of having won the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building style world championship 3 times, as well as countless winnings and podiums in the best international contexts.

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